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Life Insurance Options

Life insurance may be the answer for you. Contact us today to learn more about your life insurance options.

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Life Insurance Options

If your family is dependent on your income, then life insurance is something you should consider. Whether you need help navigating different life insurance options, or you just want a second opinion on the policy you already have in place, we can be of help to you.

If something were to happen to you, you probably want to make sure your family is provided with the income they need. Life insurance rates can vary due to many factors. But, we can try to get you the best rates you can given your situation. Don’t wait any longer: Contact us today to learn more about your life insurance options.

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Reasons To Consider Life Insurance Final Expenses

You may not want to think about the possibility, but you should have a plan to pay for medical bills should you fall ill, as well as a way to pay for funeral expenses after you pass away. There are multiple types of life insurance that can cover these costs.

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You want to have enough money to enjoy your retirement, but still, leave behind an inheritance for your loved ones. Well, a life insurance policy can serve as a way to leave a larger sum to your heirs than what you initially put into it. (Potentially) more income to you, and (potentially) a larger amount to your beneficiaries.

Estate Taxes

If your estate is valued over a certain amount, your heirs could be facing up to 40% in estate taxes after you pass. If you would like to try minimizing or even eliminating this tax, then life insurance may be the answer. Contact us about it.

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Depending on the type of insurance, your policy can essentially act as an extra savings account for you, funded by your premiums. The insurance company will also add to that savings through dividends.

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Types of Life Insurance

Term life insurance guarantees payment of a stated death benefit to your beneficiaries if you pass away during a specific period. Premiums are based on your age, as well as your life expectancy.

Whole life insurance, also called permanent life insurance, refers to life insurance options that are meant to last until your death, unlike term life insurance. However, whole life insurance policies come with an investment aspect.

Simplified issue insurance is a sort of life insurance option that is, as its name implies, simplified. It’s designed for people who need life insurance on short notice. You can be approved for it with minimal health questions.

This type of life insurance option, also known as guaranteed life insurance or guaranteed acceptance life insurance, allows you to skip health questions and undergo a medical exam, similar to simplified issue life insurance. However, it also comes with more financial benefits: The cost of coverage doesn’t increase every few years, unlike with other policies.

Navigating Life Insurance Options

There are a number of different types of life insurance. Is there a type that fits your specific situation? At JB Retirement Strategies, we can work with you to find the right one. We know how important protecting your family is. Set up a meeting with us, and we can help answer any questions you may have about life insurance options.

Let's Find The Right Option For You!

At JB Retirement Strategies, we can help you find the right life insurance. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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