Developing a Retirement Income Strategy

Retirement savings

When building the foundation for your retirement income strategy, it’s important to consider ways to ensure your money lasts as long as you need it. 

Speaking with us about the following six questions can be a good starting point:

  1. How much of your necessary expenses are covered by outside income sources such as Social Security and/or a pension? 
  2. How would you rate your ability and desire to reduce spending and expenses in case of unexpected events? 
  3. What is your comfort with risk? 
  4. Given your current health and family history, how long do you expect to live relative to the average life expectancy? 
  5. What is important to you when you think about leaving a legacy for beneficiaries? 
  6. Do you prefer control over assets or higher lifetime income? 

Call us, we’re here to talk about all of these questions and help you understand some options that may be a good match with your answers.

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